Galaxy Automatic cold Box core shooters are suitable to produce cores with vertical, horizontal or universal four way / five way parted core boxes. Pneumatic or Hydraulic operated models can be supplied with auto ejection mechanisms. Multi cavity cores can be produced on the machine. Loose piece pull outs shall be provided to make cores hollow from sides. Cycle is controlled by means of PLC with display unit. Fault diagnostics, interlocks and safety features has provided. Machines are self sufficient with amine Gas generation unit, pneumatic panels or hydraulic power packs. Air dryers and enclosures shall be supplied as per requirement. Co2 Gassing system can also be supplied with amine gas generation system. Selection for producing cores by amine or co2 is given on control panel. Models are available in various sizes and types.

Machines are available in following types

  • Automatic Vertical parted Amine Cold Box Core Shooter
  • Automatic Horizontal parted Amine Cold box core shooter
  • Automatic universal parted Amine Cold Box Core Shooter
  • Automatic Three station Rotary Cold Box Core Shooters
  • Automatic CO2 Cured Cold Box Core Shooter

Automatic Amine Cold Box Core Shooters

Automatic plc based 4 way parted core shooter with core carrier attachment
( capacity : 40 kgs per shot )

Gear Operated Butterfly Valves

Automatic Plc Based Vertically Parted Core Shooter With Tilt Door, Core Carrier And Bottom Madrel Attachment
( Capacity : 60 Kgs Per Shot )