We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Amine Scrubbers. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Amine Scrubbers
Amine Scrubbers
Amine Scrubbers

Amine Scrubbers


Amine scrubber is provided for suction of amine gas from enclosure of cold box machine .Scrubber is used to neutralise amine gas by means of chemical reaction with diluted sulphuric or phosphoric acid. Packed bed is provided with poly propelne rings to retain amine gas for maximum possible time in contact with sulphuric or phosphoric acid. Recirculation of diluted acid from bottom storage tank upto nozzles for sprinkling diluted amine gas is provided. Blower driven by electric motor is provided for exhausting neutralised gas and purge into air through chimney.

Sand trap is provided to prevent sand from going to the scrubber. Scrubber tower is made from S. S. 304 or FRP packed with tower packing (polyethylene). Bottom tank is made from S. S. 304 or FRP for collection and storage of phosphoric acid. centrifugal pump with motor is provided along with distributor nozzles and piping for recirculation of diluted acid.

Control supply to spray pump, blower is provided from the control panel. Machine blower is connected to the machine gas collection chamber, A sand trap is therefore included, to trap sand coming out of core vents.


  • S.S. 304 Construction
  • FRP With Polypropelin


  • Sand Trap
  • Inlet Suction Blower S.s. Or Frp Lined
  • Gas Inlet Chamber With Diluted Acid Tank
  • Packed Bed Scrubbing Chamber
  • Outlet Blower With S.s. Or Frp Lined
  • P. P. Pump With Motor
  • Chimney